The worst kind of fail...

  • the kind you can't blame on anyone else.

    I'm maintaining a desktop CRM application  that is installed on several different sites. Each site communicates with a central database using SQL Server replication, so any changes to the database have to be performed on the central database on the server which then propagates them to the clients. 

    I was informed that we have a remote desktop connection to the server, but I didn't have the IP. It was about time to make some database changes, so I kept pestering my boss for about a week to email it to me, until I realized that he can't find where he wrote the damned thing. Finally he suggests I connect to a client that's behind the same modem as the server using Teamviewer and figure out their public IP.

    I finish some other work I have first and then sit down to get this done, at which point some neuron in my head finally makes contact with another and I realise that I've been maintaining this app for the last few weeks. As in I have the source code. The source code that contains the IP that all the clients connect to for database replication. The same IP that I specifically kept a close eye on to make sure I didn't push test data into production.


  • @DOA said:


    Very recognizable. The worst is when you'd been a bit arrogant or annoyed about it and now you have to eat crow. 

  • The same kind of things happens to all of us.

    This is no WTF! This is distraction (I think that's the right word, but I dont use it very often)

  • Been there, done that; empathy!

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