Personal Data of 26.5 Million Veterans Stolen

  • It just goes to show you - you can protect the workstations and network as best you can, but all it takes is some guy taking work home with him.

    This is going to be very, very costly.

  • Some years back, I wrote a library management software for my school. It needed to interact with the main database containing the students' information. The database was on a server in the admin office, and they wouldn't allow the library desktop to have any sort of networking, for fear that the actual database might get messed up.

    So I asked for a copy of the database to test it at home while developing, and they gladly allowed me to copy it on to a CD. Not only that, they told me the admin password to the Win 2k server, and the BIOS password for bootup.

    I still have that database, with the names, addresses, class, section, even blood group of all 5000 students. Some of my friends, on finding this out, even approached me for the phone number/address of old flames!

    And by the way, every new year, that database is copied onto a CD (it's a Visual FoxPro database) and transferred to the library computer. They just won't get an ethernet link at any cost.

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