Day camp 4 developers conference

  • Day camp 4 developers is a online conference organised by some people I know, they asked me to pass along the word that it actually exists.
    It's not about any specific language, nor does it deal with programming itself, but more with all the stuff around it, seemingly also career centric.

    It's all online via some web based conference software so location isn't really a issue, timezone might be though. But all the content will also be available later for download and it is only 35 bucks.

    Now normally I wouldn't post something that is spammish like this, but this conference is aimed at developers which most of us here are, and we do sometimes get questions or discussions about job hunting and the likes, so I figured this might even be helpful to some.

    The talk topics are:
    - So you want to be an architect
    - Open source your career
    - Technical writing
    - Actively managing your career
    - Rocking Your Resume

    I haven't seen those talks yet, nor do I have clairvoyant skills to know that this conference will be any good. But I do know some of the speakers and the people organising it and I can vouch that it will probably be worth your while.

    The web address is

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