At least he uses a naming convention

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    <atrus> i worked on a project once where somebody named variables
    defined in various places explicity so on one line of code, it showed up

    <atrus> function_name($all, $urBase, $rBelong, $toUs);

    <atrus> closest i've ever come to manslaughter


    <Nautilus> God I hate little brothers

    <Nautilus> 11:59 P.M. on april fools, he sets off a bash script
    that logs into my company's server, uses ipfw to block out all ssh
    connections, and changes the site to display goatse.

    <OneMan> haha that's a good get-back

    <OneMan> did you change it back?

    <Nautilus> <Nautilus> uses ipfw to block out all ssh connections

    <OneMan> 1 Dr. Jack Kevorkian cure-all, comin' right up!

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