Rss .. Fixed?

  • The RSS Feed should no longer update with the LastPostDate ... only the ThreadDate. Can anyone confirm this works?



  • Well, it seems to work for me. Some offtopic discussion about me is now the top topic. Glad to know I'm number one... [6]

  • Darn. I should not have posted that. Now my topic is on the second place... [:S]

    Btw. It would be nice if those RSS feeds would also bring me to that
    last post. Especially useful for those topics that span multiple pages.

    And perhaps you should offer the RSS feeds in two flavours. One sorted
    by date of original post, which brings you to the first post. And one
    sorted by date of last reply, which brings you to the last reply...

  • I have to seriously disappoint you. I just noticed that this new RSS
    feed, which you apparantly use for this forum, is messing things up a
    bit in my FireFox/Sage environment. When I click on the feed, all posts
    listed are in bold font, suggesting that these are new items.
    Unfortunately, they are not but some topics might still be new.

    Another problem is when I click on one of those links, I go to the page
    but apparantly I'm not logged in. However, if I go to the RSS feed of
    another forum and click there on a link, I am logged in again. (And no,
    I don't have to log in again.) Apparantly those links are telling the
    system that I am not logged in. But I am logged in! Weird.

  • [st][li][st][8o|][li][st]

    Why must this forums software be so difficult to work with !! At least now I know where to look to try to fix this tonite ...

  • Has the RSS been fixed yet?

    It's really holding up production...y'know?

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