Funny job-offer spam

  • I got this email just now... haven't been on TDWTF in a while, but I couldn't resist coming back to share! Notice the part about "whoever wrote this email"...

    This offer from Career Builder
    Req'd Education: High School
    Citizenship or Work-Visa: YES
    Base Pay: $72,000 per year
    Employee Type: Part-Time/Home-Based
    Bonus: Yes
    If you want to work on a strong developing team  that feels like a family, this position is for you!
    Our company is looking
    for  local  customer  service  managers.  You  will  have  good career
    opportunities and will enjoy  friendly working atmosphere on our team.
    High School required. PC and Internet, MS Office or compatible. Must have strong writing and
    communication skills.  Whoever wrote this email has poor writing and communication skills so
    there's no way someone like me would even be interested.
    To Apply:
    Forward your contact details back to our e-mail and wait for  response in the next 24h - 48h.
    Please send your resume.

  • What was there contact email? I am trying to get these guys shut down. I was scammed a while back and lost money.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Rose

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