Favor: test out the BuildMaster installer?

  • For better or for worse, my days and nights have been filled with all-things BuildMaster.

    Our latest quest (now, for the most part, completed) has been the Trial Download. This was a big step, as you might immagine, as it involved not only putting our software out there for the world to see, but creating an installer that is much harder to test. Anyway, I was hoping you could help out my testing efforts and give the installer a shot; ideally, BuildMaster should "just work" (i.e. a locally-installed webapp pops-up) when the installer is finished.

    Any feedback (well, save vitriolic ranting) on the install process (or anything thereafter) would be much appreciated!

    (and yes... I realize that the inedo.com website copy is really thick, and that's certainly on the list to fix; our (former) copywriter laid it on way to heavy)

  • Requires Windows?

    Edit: Nevermind, noticed the requirements at the top the second visit. As I niether use Windows at home, nor do we have any Windows machines at work at all I won't really be able to test it out. I might play with it in a VM though.

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