Time travel. It exists!

  • Just went to check my lottery results, and after seeing this, decided to do a Back to the Future Part II style cheat. I've put a reminder on my Google calendar to buy a ticket on 23rd Nov 2023, but please give me a chance to win the entire jackpot by not doing the same.

  •  now that you gave us all the number, you're going to have to split it between a few hundred of us and hardly make any money.

  • I'm hoping it'll be a double or triple rollover week! I don't mind sharing £80m... Wouldn't know how to use it all anyway!!

    £80m shared with, say, 200 people still nearly half a mil. Besides, by the time of the draw, hyper inflation probably kicked in so the jackpot will buy one loaf of bread!!

  • Did you think to click "Previous draw results"?

    The winning numbers from the 13 years prior to Nov 24, 2023 might also be useful.

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