Please kindly forward Oracle Financials 11i to self-study please?

  • I was looking up some Oracle 11i information when I stumbled upon this 6yr old "plz send me teh codez" style thread. Good grief...

  • For those who can't be bothered looking up the thread, it's a couple of requests for training material, one post saying "Here's the stuff that's available for free from Oracle on the web", one guy in Russia saying "We have some training materials, email me if you want them" and six pages of "please send me the training material".

    It's almost enough to make me want to start a business selling some shonky Financials training material for $50 a pop.

  • Those people drive me nuts.  I've been doing OF for >10 years (i'm a masochist that way) and I see that constantly on message boards. "Plz do my job 4 me as im totly unqual for this job".  I'm always happy to help someone with a legit problem that they have identified and tried to solve, but those people deserve to have ink squirt out of their monitors when they post something like that.

    One particularly annoying person posted one day that they wanted to install 11i for a "sandbox" to "play with" and what configurations/setups should she use?  Multiple people tried to explain to her the size and complexity of the task, she just ranted at us all that we were "mean".  Go figure.

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