Cut the middle man (aka headhunter) out...?

  • Often times a head hunter will copy + paste a job description and send it to you via email. And of course, you can take phrases from here and search them on google to find the same exact job post from the actual company. Usingthis, couldn't I just drop the head hunter I'm talking to now and go right to the main source? I mean they are paying those guys so much money to be the middle man it would only seem prudent.

  • I don't know, it depends on other factors as well. In some companies you'll be more likely to get in if you are recommended by the headhunter, so bypassing him might lower your chances.

  •  dunno about where you live, but here why I live the company will often have a contract with the headhunting agency for supplying a person for that position.

  • Sorry I've been gone so long.  I'm gonna be a rezmonkey today, though.

    For both the reasons above, you MAY be lowering your chances of getting hired, but I consider the risk to be minimal. 

    A recommendation from a headhunter should mean nothing, as they're not likely to be knowledgeable enough to properly evaluate you.

    If they had a contract with the headhunter, they wouldn't (or shouldn't) have posted the ad themselves.  If the headhunter is sending the company's posting to you verbatim, I consider it likely that he's not been hired by them at all.

    Personally, I don't see what's wrong.  You may be able to get a higher bid and still save the company some money.  

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