"Expection Handling" wikipedia up for deletion: should it be saved?

  • First a bit oo history. Stop me if you've heard this one.

    After getting a number of submissions and rejecting them on a "Nobody could really do that" basis, Alex finally posted one when an example reached him in a public coe base: Code like this:

    int[5] array;
    for(i=0;; i++) {
    } catch
    {} //nada

    One of our readers christened this programing antipattern "Expection Handling". A few weeks later, I coded up a wikpedia article on it, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expection_handling

    However, the term was yet young, and, apart from us, there was not much to support it. There, however, is now, as some people have picked up the article, and included it in a few blog posts.

    However, it is not enough to prevent a RFD on the article. I didn't want to be an army of one, and it may well be not noteworthy enought to stay. But I just thought I'd give the forums a heads-up, in case someone wants to pick up the banner.

  • @robbak said:


    n. banner

    1. device with which a ban is applied and/or delivered
    2. One who applies and/or delivers a ban

    See also:


  • I don't care if the article lives or dies, mostly because documenting how you shouldn't do things isn't very usefull unless it is unobvious how something should be used or implemented. Exception handling is a language feature and as such people should use common sense and understand what the term means, perhaps even looking up the definition of the two words or even read the bloody manual if it is still unclear to them. A valid case for documenting anti-patterns would be for more complex structures which look intuitive but have an inherent flaw. 

    Having said that, the guy who added "citation needed" to the line "Error handling is often slow, as it is meant to be triggered rarely, and favors correctness and robustness over speed." is a fucking moron.  Of course I'm too lazy to start a edit war on wikipedia about such things, because I'm sure armies of wikipedia idiots will swam over stuff like that, and if it was up to me I would have pressed the delete button on that page anyway.

  • @stratos said:

    Exception handling

    Expection handling.

    And yes, it should die.

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