How to prevent warnings

  • Found this while tracking down a compiler warning where the warning didn't match the source code:

    	/* math.h defines prototypes for j0, j1, jn, y0, y1 and yn which 
    	   gives us warnings with the -Wshadow option of gcc */
    #	define j0	jjjjjj0
    #	define j1	jjjjjj1
    #	define jn	jjjjjjn
    #	define y0	yyyyyy0
    #	define y1	yyyyyy1
    #	define yn	yyyyyyn

  • These are XOPEN (POSIX 2001) Bessel functions. Frankly, the workaround used is not all that bad. I suppose it could be better to ban those names from being used as variable or function names.

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