I wonder if their budget is based on how many people say they watch it...

  • My school's residential services asked me to take some survey used in some national report on college statistics (read: sent me a "reminder" email everyday until I filled out the damned thing). I guess they threw in some custom questions at the end, a few of which were related to an on-campus TV channel the department runs. Based on the possible responses to the first question, I'm thinking maybe their budget is dependent on how many people say they actually watch the channel. Let's just say that the quality of the answer choices to the second question are similar to the quality of said TV channel.

    You would think that maybe someone would do a test run of the survey before they sent it out to every student living on campus. The sadder part is they will probably treat the results from the two questions as completely valid ("holy crap! the entire campus watches our channel, but only with a frequency of weekends!")

  • Did you try to View Source the form?

    Values for the watching frequency select box might be interesting...

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