Grey-lump process failure

  • In an effort to rebuild my post-count from my halcyon1234 account say hi from my new forum account, I thought I'd share a wtf I've inadvertendly caused.  It's one of those hiccups in the brain that is memorable-- mainly because there were people around who won't let me forget.

     A few years ago, while I was still in school, I was renting a two bedroom apartment. I was, once again, looking for a roomate, and had placed a number of ads to that effect. My gaming group was over, so my brain was already distracted when someone phoned about the room.

    She asked the usual questions-- distance to campus, kitchen, price-- and then how many bedrooms. I told her, and then her tone changed.  "This is shared accomidation?"

    "Yes, it's shared."  I didn't have any problems with an opposite gender roommate. She quickly thanked me and hung up.

    I shrugged and said something like "Some people are so touchy."  I put away the phone, only to realize that the entire group was staring at me-- all with a wide-eyed look that perfectly reflected the tone of voice the called had.

    "Dude, you do realize you told her it was a one bedroom apartment, right?"

    From that point on, I kept a piece of paper by the phone with the apartment's details on it.

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