• Best browser in the world? Check.
    Best HTML "debugger"? Check.
    Agonizing pain behind the eyes caused by years of built-up frustration with bad HTML? Check.

    Incompetent web designers. Is it legal to shoot them? After all, bad HTML is life threatening to whomever maintains the website.

  • Isn't table-based layout always nested like that? It's "only" five tables and one paragraph, after all.

  • @derula said:

    It's "only" five tables and one paragraph, after all.

    True, that doesn't make it right though... it further proves why tables don't work for layout purposes 🙂 Tables are just a big pain because browsers will always try to control them which makes the programmer jump through hoops to take control again (hence millions of spacer .gif's) and the net result is that the universe weeps. Separating content from formatting is not a new concept... 50 kB of HTML is just too damn much!

    Oh, and that paragraph was entirely accidental too. No paragraphs for me! Nooooo, <span class="dealerheader"> is all I get. No semantic HTML whatsoever. Anywhere. On the whole site, all 50 3-year-old pages. Blegh.

  • For the record, every page I save gets a little makeover. But I'm not going to rebuild every page by hand. Eventually the site will be replaced anyway so for now I'll just deal with it.

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