Classic Newegg Review...

  • Came across an interesting Gigabyte mouse on Newegg to day and managed to find an even more interesiting review of it...


    igen    Tech Level: high
              Ownership: less than 1 day

    Rating + 5

    An essential upgrade for any computer


    WOW! I thought this mouse would be tacky, but the Swarovski crystals
    really do add a lot of class to my computer. All my friends are jealous
    and asked me where I got it, and how much it was! The genuine synthetic
    leather padding on the mouse makes it easy to handle, and the leather
    carrying case is very convenient for carrying the mouse everywhere I
    go. People even stop me in the street to compliment me on my mouse!

    The wireless doesn't seem to work, but maybe my computer just doesn't
    support it. I tried putting the driver disk in my 5.25" floppy drive,
    but it wouldn't read. I've never seen a disk without the square black
    jacket around it--I think Gigabyte should have left that on.
    the jacket, it's very hard to handle the disk without touching either
    side of the media. I tried calling tech support but they weren't much
    help at all. The manufacturer should have thought of this! Still, I
    love the mouse and the Swarovski crystals.

    Other Thoughts:
    I was going to upgrade my 8088 to something a bit more modern, but I
    think I made the right decision in buying this new mouse instead. None
    of my programs even need a mouse anyway, but it's nice to rest my hand
    on the leather grip and Swarovski crystals when I'm not typing. I'll
    probably order another one for my left hand, too.

    Oh and here is a link for you unbelievers...
    God I am hoping that this is a joke.  This really can't be a real person could it?




  •  I don't see what your problem is. This sounds like exactly what a person would write that buys a mouse featuring leather and crystals.

  • @Harper said:

    I am hoping that this is a joke.

    Looks like it. But it's a good one!

  • Weren't the disks themselves black?


    My most recent experience of the 5.25'' disks was in 2004.  I did my Advanced Higher Project for Physics (Equivalent to first year of uni) on a BBC and had to program in Basic and save it to one.  My school had a thing for old tech I suppose.  BBC rocked though 🙂

  • @charliebob said:

    Weren't the disks themselves black?
    Usually, but not exclusively. Back in the 80's you could buy 10 black 5.25" disks for (IIRC) about GBP10, or 10 coloured ones for about GBP20.

    That equates to around GBP22/44, USD35/70 these days.

  • Oh them were the days! 🙂


    I miss the old 5.25 disks.  Bring them back! 😛

  •  I wonder how this guy feels about Tuscan Whole Milk.

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