"Hear a blog" should be on top, not on bottom

  •  I think it's cool some of TheDailyWTF articles have "Hear a blog" now; the narrator for "Maybe I Needing Later" (the only one I heard) was great.  However, I didn't notice that was available until I got all the way to the bottom of the article.  I didn't get any smarter before reading "The Proven Fix".

     I think the "Hear a blog" should be at the top of the page or at least somewhere noticeable that doesn't require skimming past the punchline to see.

  • Hello Joey,

    We are glad you like Hear a Blog. What you can do is subscribe to the RSS for the audio posts and then just wait for them to appear on your reader or podcatcher: http://hearablog.com/site/feed/24/The-Daily-WTF

    We are glad you like the narrator. His name is Chris Fisher. Normally we are getting the posts in 24hs, almost never more than 48hs and we are getting faster and more efficient all the time.

    Merry Christmas.

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