Not a WTF but a bug...

  • <FONT face=Arial>I think it's not a necessarily WTF but a bug/misconception/mistake and nothing else... We all have these kind of errors while we develop... then fix them by ourselves.... that's the real difference with real-life, production-code, head-aching WTF's... as they, at least for me, mean functionalities and solutions designed and developed outrageously bad, but then for the grace of computing-science (or lack of thereof) end up doing what the wtf-minded designer/developer wanted it to do.</FONT>

    <FONT face=Arial>I spent two hours last Monday trying to understand why Hibernate (an awesome Open Source ORM solution for Java) refused to persist two generated object in the same session, i did all kinds of debugging, SQL tracing, code variations, and it was just because I forgot to set a sequence generator in the object mapping file... What's the WTF here? Yeah... spending two or three hours fixing something that wasn't "broken" in the first instance.</FONT>

    <FONT face=Arial>Cheers!,
    Guido Scalise</FONT>

  • Now the real WTF here is that this post was supposed to be a reply to a post, not a topic by itself...

    Mods, if you are reading (I know you are!), please delete this message.


  • Oh.. I see not only me thinks that Hibernate is too damn QUIET!
    I hate that thing for that.

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