Thinking about running dotProject here... any better alternatives?

  • I've been asked to get some sort of task/project management software up and running for my company.  A division here is already using dotProject so I was planning on using it for the division I work in.


    Before blindly movoing forward, I thought I might ask to see if anyone had a better suggestion.


    I doubt I will have any chance of going for a paid solution, so free is a must.  And basic project/task management is a must.  Finally it must be pretty easy to use the basic feature set, most of the people I work with (that will need to use this) are usually difficult when it comes to using new tools.

  • dotProject is probably the most fully featured I've come across. I know someone using [url=]Collabtive[/url] which has a nicer UI but less features.

  •  Former dotProject contributor here...

    If they're using dotProject or you're evaluating it, you might check out web2project.  We forked from dotProject about 2 years ago and have made huge improvements in the system in terms of real OO, lots of bug fixes, numerous new features, and lots of other things.  We even managed to delete about 35% of the codebase. 😉

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