• I just spotted this in the sidebar of my online banking website:

    One Frame from Netbank animation

    Ignoring for the moment that it's animated in Flash and is only slightly less distracting from the task at hand than <BLINK> text, I find it funny that they've highlighted one of the new features of the site that I hate.  The animation goes on to say "If you can do this, you can NetBank" which is not entirely true.  The maze walls are visible in the animation and the white maze floor has a reasonably good contrast with the yellow background.  It doesn't really represent the true method of navigating their menus, where the walls and floor are all the same colour as the rest of the menu background and just touching a wall instantly removes the menu, forcing you to mouse back to the beginning of the maze.

    What are they really trying to say?  "If you can do this with acid in both eyes, you can NetBank"?

    Plus, why are they asking me to register for NetBank when I'm aready logged in and using it?  I can see where other services might need to have ads like this: "Please use the <cityname> subway again for your next trip" but why does the web site have to use a blinky advert to tell me to do something I already did 5 years ago?

  • They want you to set up another account and take out a loan...

    Or they're just a bit slow...

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