EBay: Yes or LOW Density?


    I got this while listing some RAM on eBay. I'm not really sure how to answer it. I was leaning towards "enter your own", then filling it with several megabytes of nonsense, but I decided to leave it blank.

    (TRWTF: These categories appear to be user-defined.)

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

     It kind of makes sense - low density RAM is oldschool stuff typically found in servers (because back then desktops were happy with 32mb, but it wasn't uncommon to need to stick 512mb or more in a server), and because 512mb of RAM in the form factor of a 32mb stick would have cost more than a house at that time, you had low density RAM - and the cards were occasionally gargantuan, but comparatively inexpensive. So it's either low density, or it's desktop RAM. Never both.

     Mind you,you can also have high-density server RAM, or just plain server RAM. So the question is what's dumb, rather than the answers.

  • In all fairness the RAM was 152MB of SIMMs. Also there were categories for both "Pins" and "Number of pins".

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