I think I can beat most of them here

  • OK so there are a few people that can claim to have lasted 0 hours, but I think that I can manage to beat even that.

    After applying for a job, having an interview, being offered a
    position, and accepting within an hour, I was given a starting date of
    late next week. Next morning I got a call asking if I'd do some
    overtime since they were so busy. I did it, but realising what a
    disaster the place was, I handed in my notice there and then.

    I can officially claim to have held a job where my only hours ever put
    in were overtime, and I was hired, paid (cash since I wasn't an
    employee yet and handed in my notice), and resigned, within 24 hours,
    and a week before I ever became an employee!

    Next day I went back to my then-current employer as if nothing ever happened!

  • Oh excellent so I post a new thread instead of a reply, and now it makes no sense and I can't delete it.

    We all love the forum software here!!

  • Great, two replies to myself in a thread with no purpose. Oh well, it's in the spirit of the site I guess.

    I guess the big POST button at the bottom of a thread doesn't mean
    "post a reply to this thread" - oh no, it means "post a new thread in
    the same forum that this thread I'm currently viewing is in". To use a
    car analogy, indicating at a junction actually means "I am not going to
    turn down this road, instead I will construct a new road and drive down

    As with spoons, there is no "post a reply to this thread" button.
    Instead I have to explicitly reply to an existing message even if I
    have no specific message to reply to. Sure it's a while since I posted
    here, but I'm sure it wasn't like this before. Oh well. The joy I get
    from the self referential irony of it on a site called "the daily wtf"
    that laughs at crap programming is well worth any such inconveniences.

    I might go back to posting anon. to once again experience the wonders of a malfunctioning CAPTCHA.  🙂

    Now, before I click the POST button at the bottom of this page, I have
    to wonder if it will instead of replying, order be a fantastic set of

  • Haha - never mind: it's a good story.

  • @teedyay said:

    Haha - never mind: it's a good story.

    Yes, though I must admit I was a bit dissapointed:  I thought it was going to be a good WTF!  [6]

  • @RayS said:

    Now, before I click the POST button at the bottom of this page, I have to wonder if it will instead of replying, order me a fantastic set of encyclopedias.

    If you don't want the encyclopedias, can I have them?

    And if the post button doesn't actually order encyclopedias, I'm sure it will in the next release.  Or it'll order Pizza.

  • I think half the complaints could be eliminated if Alex would remove the "Post" button from the bottom of the pages. But in all truth, someone makes the mistake their first time posting, and never makes it again. I don't think it's a WTF, the button is there for the convenience of creating a new thread.

    But when it comes to the WYSIWYG editor and how it garbles your post or cuts it off at random parts...sorry, no way to explain that one other than "WTF??"

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