Mandatory Fun Lotion (Kiehl's)

  • (Written to male audience, because I always assume I'm talking to men/boys on here (yes, I know I'm wrong, but I automatically assume), but women... I guess you can read this too.  Sheesh... quit yer fussin.) 

    Kiehl's, a top-of-the-line skin care company, is doing a fun little promotion to show off their new skin care products with Açaí.  When I saw this, I thought back to the days of MFD, in which I never participated... ahh... mem'ries.  Now you can have some sense of nostalgia about Mandatory Fun Day, and shop for that grapefruit body shampoo that you want, but you'll give to your girlfriend and/or mom so you can still use it and not seem too... fruity to your friends.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

    Anyway, below is the link to a fun little program which allows you to edit a select few comic strips/frames and save the results or send them to a friend.  The text bubbles, however, are particular and therefore a tiny bit buggy, but it's easy to figure out and fix, and it's still a little bit o' fun to pass the time.

    <FONT color=#800080></FONT><o:p></o:p>So go try this out, then hang some drywall, cause you're a "man's man"... which is a strange phrase to say when you mean to say "masculine" or "virile man," but not "macho man."  Thank you Village People for ruining a super, kick-awesome catch phrase.  No disrespect to Randy Savage.<o:p></o:p>

    Here are some of my horrible creations - have your goggles close:

    <FONT color=#800080></FONT><o:p></o:p>

    <FONT color=#800080></FONT> (Yes, I know there is an unnecessary apostrophe in the title, but in my defense, there are many other crimes against the English language in the strip and in this message to accompany that mistake.)

  •  Love the comic creations! Bringing inanity to a whole new level is always fun ;).

  • @jeremygoldman said:

     Love the comic creations! Bringing inanity to a whole new level is always fun ;).


    LOL! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you created an account to tell me that. Hilarious. And I'm seriously trying to not sound sarcastic, which is really hard. Your comment really made me laugh... Shine on you crazy diamond.

    Giggling at banality, while people watch in... confusion? Disgust? ... is kind of a hobby of mine. It hasn't gotten me far, but I did meet Mitch Hedburg. He laughed about a couple of insane things that people consider normal and it left an impression.

    But... but, but, but I thought the Kiehl's Acai skin care comic strips could fill the void left by [url=]MFD[/url]. Perhaps, someday MFD could even be brought back in this flash-y, don't let the users have too much freedom, form. At the very least, I was hoping to give people the chance to take a break, brave inanity, and maybe even laugh... Or even better, post something that could make someone else laugh. Should I try again? No. But [url=]here[/url] it is anyway, complete with [url=]Irish girl[/url] cameo.

    Good day, sir.

    Hey don't call me paranoid man! Because the paranoid mother ****ers who are making me paranoid are really out there! - David Cross

  •  Anyone remembers Fanta Shokata?

  • Excellent find but...needs more 'Irish Girl'.

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