Oh, the humanity!

  • Strangely-appropriate 404 error page for Airship Ventures:

  • What we really need are the 404 pages on airline sites showing the WTC.

  • HAH!  Oh the hilarity!  I can't talk right now... but I can type.

    Some people have a sick sense of humor; or someone put it there "just for now" and planned on changing it back as soon as they got the approved verbiage from the client (is "verbiage" right?); or boredom struck and this page caught the wrath as the developer threw caution to the wind, which reminds me of an error message I saw on this site that said, "Holy bat, f***man!"  I can't find it now, but it was clbuttic.

    When I'm searching for something, I rarely look farther than "Error 404."  Excellent catch.  I appreciate that you were quick enough to put these pieces together, shamus.  Thanks for sharing.

    Here's my bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F54rqDh2mWA...  It might be a couple mebibits... or even mebibytes.  Just mebi.  ... must... stop... sorry all...


  • That is funny as hell.  It's the deadpan delivery that does it.


  • @Pope said:

    ...got the approved verbiage from the client (is "verbiage" right?); 

    No it's not right.  Use of 'verbiage' as a synonym for 'text' or 'content' is an insidious Americanism/wannabe managementism/pompous twatism.  The text or content can be verbiage but the word does have its own distinct meaning (excessive use of words to make the point).


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