Anthem and Mascot

  • I propose that the Daily WTF's anthem be 2 Unlimited's "Are you ready for this" and its mascot be Renee Zellweger. Are we unanimous on this?

  • If we have a choice, I suggest Hilary Duff as mascot, and her song "Party Up" as anthem. That's way more modern music. And it's American... [H]

  • @Katja said:

    If we have a choice, I suggest Hilary Duff as mascot, and her song "Party Up" as anthem. That's way more modern music. And it's American... Cool

    Are you a serious Hillary Duff fan? Are are you being sarcastic?

  • I happen to like her music, yes. Seriously! I even have 2 CD's of her.
    (One with Christmas songs and the other one called Metamorphosis.) She
    could be the new Britney soon. [:$]

  • Believe it or not, I think her music is ok too. Hers and Raven Symone's. I like the fact that they portray a more wholesome image. I'm kinda tired of the I'm-a-slut-whore-and-proud-of-it image portrayed by Spears and Aguilera. I always thought that made Americans look bad. Like all we were about was sex and whoring.

  • Ehm, but isn't Hilary also known as a bit slutty these days? I thought that made her so popular. Okay, Slutty in the Disney-way style still but slutty. She had a fling with Aaron Carter a few years back. And in her Lizzie McGuire movie she also seemed to be easy to get, if you're a guy. (Her first day in Italy and she already runs away with some Italian guy...) Probably the only thing stopping her is that she's still legally underage, but I wonder what she will do in a few years...

    That slut-whore-and-proud-of-it image sure does make female singers very popular, though. It made Madonna the Queen of Pop, and Christina and Britney are ready already to take over this crown, if they get a chance. Don't forget, both Britney and Christina also started their careers at Disney, so that won't stop Hilary of becoming the next slut-star...

    But I hope she'll keep her sanity and behave in a less slutty way than Britney or Christina. She can sing quite well and isn't bad as an actress.

  • I sure hope Hillary doesn't go that route. I wonder how Spears will reflect back on her life in say, 40 years. How will she remember her actions? How will she justify them? If she has children, how will they look up to her? "Oh, mommy was a slut." or "Mommy was a tramp." Not to mention the fact that she perverted an entire generation of youth.

    What is the difference between a whore and a slut? A whore makes money for prostituting themselves. A slut gives it away for free. Spears got paid. However, something tells me she would have given it away for free too.

  • Well, look at Madonna. She used to be one of the biggest sluts/Whores
    ever. Didn't she even create some book with pornographic images of
    herself? And she seemed to have had her share of men too. Didn't she
    even kiss with Britney during some show? And now she's a mom and seems
    to be well-behaved and apparantly very religious too.

    What will she tell her kids? I don't know but considering the things
    she has archieved I think they will be reasonable proud of their mom,
    since if she had not done all that, her kids might not have the
    luxuries that they have now.

    If you have lots of money then your children probably won't care much
    about how you got it, as long as you're willing to share with them. In
    a country like the USA, it's the dollar that can forgive all your

    I do wonder why Britney became a slut, though. She used to be
    reasonable decent until she and Christina started their little
    conflict. They have been battling for the title "Biggest slut in music
    video" for several years now. Hilary doesn't have any competition at
    that level right now, so she might not have go be that extreme as
    Britney to stay popular.

  • <FONT size=1>Hey Katja, you think the U.S. is bad with the music videos. You should check out my "Is it wrong?" post. In Bulgaria it's a free-for-all. And get this, their video production rivals that of the U.S.</FONT>

    <FONT size=1>I was amazed at how "high-quality" all of the video clips were. And quite creative as to boot. They are very sparing with the special effects and when they use them it is very effective. Some very cool stuff. That, and the music is actually quite listenable. It is not the pulsing beat which Europe is so fascinated with (and which America discarded so very long ago). Bulgarian music actually varies...from pleasant ballads to rocking Bulgarian folk dance (which sounds somewhat middle-eastern...I assume because this country was once part of the Ottoman Empire?)</FONT>

    <FONT size=1>Anyways, Bulgaria's marketing scheme is ingenious. Hook the listener visually and then provide them with (surprisingly) decent music. I only wish the rest of Europe and Russia would get the hint and stop with the pulsing club beats!</FONT>

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