The challenges of color printing

  • Hello, everyone, I'm a long-time lurker and first-time poster.

    I work in the I.T. department of a local bank, and I see my share of WTFs. One of the branch managers has a big, chunky Dell color laser printer on her desk that frequently causes problems for her. My first run-in with this printer was when she tried to change a cartridge and ended up covering her desk with toner.

    This time it has apparently stopped printing magenta tones on part of the page. I got an email explaining the problem, with a handy .pdf that she had scanned on one of the multifunction printers. It immediately clarified what was going on:

    FW: Printer Problems
    To: support

    "Check out this color copy. You can see where the magenta does not print"


    Yes, the scanner only works in black and white. Yes, she should know this because the scanner emailed it to her, and she then forwarded it to me.

  • Would have taken too much thought. But you'd better anonimize your material, this is too traceable (depends on the company of course, but a mortgage bank in this climate...).  

  • Meh, I did edit the image and re-upload, but it's not showing up any different. It's probably going to take time for it to trickle through photobucket's system, and I can't edit the original post. Oh, well.

  •  I guess colour monitors take some getting used to. 😉

  • @Seahen said:

     I guess colour monitors take some getting used to. 😉

    Maybe the monitor ran out of magenta pixels?

  • I can't see the image, but from the description I don't see how 'It immediately clarified what was going on'. So she's pretty stupid for emailing you a black and white scan of it, but presumably the printout is indeed missing the magenta. I'm assuming that the pdf was scanned from the printout to show you what was wrong, and wasn't the original thing she was trying to print, but perhaps that's an incorrect assumption.

  • "This image or video has been moved or deleted." I think she could have fit that on a post-it.

  •  My apologies, the image has been fixed.

    Yes, the PDF was scanned from a printout, the original was supposedly in color.

  •  Maybe the whole page was supposed to be magenta and the problem was that it was coming out black.

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