Just incase voting for anything else might work

  • They were apparently using the Slashdot poll software... but removed the disclaimer about the results not being meaningful ūüôā

  • So, now robots are denied the vote?!

    Reminds me of a scene from Futurama:

    The time is 7:59 and the robot polls re now opening...and the robot vote is in.

  • ‚ôŅ

    So how would you guys do an online poll? Here's how I've set them up ...

    • you can vote as many times as you want
    • results are not instantly displayed or tallied
    • when a vote is¬†cast, a¬†voting¬†indicator cookie is set and passed and recorded for each subsequent vote
    • the IP is also recorded


  • Well, the poll is back up.¬† They're setting a cookie when you vote.¬† Vote again and it will tell you that you've already voted.

    If you delete the cookie, then go right ahead and vote again!  And if you disable cookies, then fell free to vote all you want.  Which is strange, because if anything is auto submiting votes, it's not going to bother with storing and serving cookies.

    I am FAR from an expert on these things, but I think I would try to do it this way.

    On any visit, set a VISITED cookie.
    Then test from presence of the VISITED cookie.
    Test for absence of a VOTED cookie.
    Allow vote.
    Set a VOTED cookie.

    That might at least help weed out auto voters.  Of course, nothing client based can be completely relied on.

    I would make an assumption that they will still filter out extra votes, maybe allow a certain number from each IP address.  (Of course, you know what happens when you make an assumption.  You make an ass out of 'me' and 'umption'.)

  • WTF #1: Allowing the general public to vote on the design of the back of a coin. Since when was the public smart enough to choose anything?

    WTF #2: Putting this vote online. If it's for a particular state's quarter, why allow people from other countries to vote on it? Lack of controlled voting leads to useless results.

    WTF #3: The sad lives that some people lead that automate scripts to stuff online ballots for the design on the back of a coin. If only they'd use their powers for GOOD instead of EVIL.

    WTF #4: Quoting a blogger in a news post. A blogger is a guy with an opinion and a website he didn't have to pay for. You may as well interview people on the street, but that isn't as credible because this guy is ON TEH INTARWEBNET!! Also, he only identified this problem after several of his fans wrote to him to tell him about it. Duh, that means he didn't do crap. Howsabout you interview the people that wrote to him hmmm?

    WTF #5: Someone actually created a State Quarter Advisory Committee? What a useless government organization. I sincerely hope it's a group of people who have REAL jobs somewhere else, and they meet for no more than one hour a week to discuss design concerns and such.

    Now how would I run an online vote? Well first you have to go to a website to fill in your name, address, social security number, email address, favorite color, and give a credit card number for age verification. The DMV is queried to verify that your name matches your SSN, and that you live in the state whose quarter is getting the overhaul. A form will be mailed to you in 7-10 business days that will contain the website address and a special 128-character hexidecimal code to verify that you have received the information. At this time, a temporary login and password are created for you to access the voting portion, which you will receive in the mail in 7-10 business days. You cast your vote, at which time your account is destroyed to prevent multiple voting and your IP address is logged. Only two votes are allowed per household, and only one vote per SSN and email address.

    Yes I'm exaggerating. The truth is that every voting system is flawed, it's a fact of nature. Deal with it, or don't bother with a poll in the first place.

  • @R.Flowers said:

    So, now robots are denied the vote?!

    Reminds me of a scene from Futurama:

    The time is 7:59 and the robot polls re now opening...and the robot vote is in.


    I should start watching Futurama.

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