Most bizarre auction ever?

  • OK I admit, if we all posted links to ebay WTFs, the forum would be overrun with them, but please make an exception for this one (assuming your sense of humour is as twisted as mine). As far as I can tell, this person is selling the copyright to his cartoon character "INNOVATIONMAN".

    There are PAGES and PAGES of text, barely readable and in both English (I think) and Thai(?), also pictures, diagrams, and a video. Oh for good measure the guy has also scanned in his passport to prove... something? The text reads like a mixture of bad online translation tools/email spam/insane ramblings of a nutcase, and the graphics are equally nonsensical. Nonsensical, but thoroughly entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

    Over to the auctioneer to describe this wonderful character:

    Description It is a cartoon icon that embodies 4 sides of innovation:
    1. Analog mechanic hydraulic new metric (the right arm);
    2. Digital electronic computer IC with infinite magnetic wave (the left arm);
    3. Biology, gene, chromosome, genetically engineering DNA (right leg); and
    4. Chemical, matter, status, acid, base, radio active, neutron, proton, electron, nuclear, substance (the left leg).
    The belt controls of function of the four sides, while the necklace divides the functions between the brain and the mechanics of the four sides

    Oh, and the price he's after for this copyright? A mere $21m USD.

    Someone do the right thing and put in a best offer for it. $0.01 or something.At least to reward the sheer amount of effort that went into creating this.

  • @Psychotic eBay Auction said:

    A variety of (Software. Digital is a programmer ever Hacker do like You occult, grilled to infant death by abortion
    and the occult number for a Software. Analog spell to excel with the
    Software. Analog is the mantra Black No body like a human. Can remain
    with the use of Software.

  • I would be tempted to make an offer of $21,000,000.00 old ZWD. I can definately see it being worth at least that. Although if he would throw in this other item that he had for sale It would be a perfect deal: .... Come on, like, he has 100% positive feedback, what could go wrong?

  • Actually this is some fucked up shop he has going: 

  • @RayS said:

    Eyes with a look outside. Fly to see a beehive and has a bitmap inside the eye
    can see a night-owl. Infrared and find objects that look coordinates with sequin
    advanced degree of range of voice and eyes. Ear a bat can be a sound wave in
    water and in air Sonar ULTRASONIC. Nose can smell better recognize dogs 10 times
    or 60 times the human Mouth can be a very good 3 times more than men by telling
    the different color values.

    Probably my favourite bit.


    Yes the rest of his shop is ok too, but you would expect that from INNOVATIONMAN and INNOVATIVELADY.

  • Maybe its just a Al Queda message in code... Never intended to sell, but passes a message along to someone. Any other guesses?

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