Problem in displaying arraylist

  • Hi ,Please help me

    I want to display the elements of my Arraylist 4 elements in each page after clicking next so each time I will click next it will display 4 elements and the code down is working but the problem if the arraylist contains 2 additional items it will not display them in separate page alone.For example:

    if the size of the arraylist is 12 it will display 4 items in each page and this is correct

    But if the size is 14 it will diplay 4 items in each page without displaying the last 2 additional elements.


    First Page:4elements

    Second page:4elements

    Third page:4elements

    Fourth page:4elements

    without displaying the last 2 elements alone in fifth page

  • As questions go this is pretty bleak. It is nice that you are so verbose about what you like to accomplish, but you tell us absolutely nothing about your application.  What language are you writing it in? (well assuming java because of the arrayList but who knows). What framework are you using? Why didn't you just google pagination? Or perhaps why was the solution found via google not working?


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