Citrix - looong errormessage

  •  I've got this error message while trying to access a program via a citrix client at work:

    error.jpg (31 KB)

     Note, it's about 2000 pixels wide, and spans across 3 monitors easily. The WTF being the width of a message dialogue.

  • If it spans easily across three monitors, the other WTF is your screen resolution. It must be 800x600 or even less.

    On my monitor, it barely goes onto the second monitor (I have them all set to 1920x1080 resolution). 

  •  Well, you could make it span over three monitors, granted 1) you have 3 monitors 2) you're resolution is set to less than 2000 pixels wide and 3) the error message appears centered on your central screen.

    I just added it for emphasis, that's all 😛

  • I guess that's probably the problem: Windows would seem to be calculating the width of the dialog box as "X% of the screen width, or enough to fit entire message on one line, whichever is less", and it's taking "screen width" to be the combined width of all your three monitors. Which, if correct, would imply that the real cause of the WTF is Microsoft.  (How come that doesn't surprise me?)

  • I must admit, I do have the same problem with some applications having three monitors myself. If you don't explicitly include newlines in your dialog text, Windows simply centeres the dialog in the middle of your desktop, which is typically all three monitors added together. That's why I wrote my own dialog handling routine which includes newline characters based on the screen width, rather than the desktop width, before passing it to Windows.

    I've seen people fubar that before too however, as they usually grab the screen resolution on startup, but that can change at any time if someone drags the window to another monitor with a different resolution (which is my setup at work, 1x1920x1080 in the center and 2x1280x1024 for the sides). 

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