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  • Hi All,


    Im using vbscript asp with a ms sql 2000 database. I have a table with about 3000 entries i think. Basically it works perfectly put when i add a new entry (or duplicate a previous entry) Im getting this error. Im logged in as administrator if that helps. DB or website permissions havent been edited.
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    HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Any suggestions would be more than welcome as im under serious pressure to sort this out.

  • IIRC, 401.1 had something to do with IIS/integrated authentication stuff.

  • Thats interesting now. I havent chenged/edited any of the authentication in any way. 

  • It's somewhat of a pain to diagnose, at least in my exp...

    One, the time on the server was incorrect... so when it tried to authenticate against the domain controller, it couldn't and threw a 401.1. Everything else seemed fine

    Another time, the service user I had running the AppDomain didn't have some permission. After resetting it up, it worked fine.

    At least that's what I think... been a while.

  • Using MS SQL and IIS you should just go through and open every box you can find, make sure they read what you want, and say OK to each of those boxes.

    Not trying to bash IIS or anything here, but that's got more voodoo mojo than Apache, and it has driven me bonkers on at least four different problems (each of which has presented more than once). I've had it "correct itself" with me opening a dialog, clicking OK, and going back to the browser and hitting refresh. You can't get much more complex than that, can you? To hell with command lines and archaic commands.

    Also, have you tried restarting IIS (or the machine for that matter)?

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