• You'd probably imagine that someone with limited PHP skills is likely to know about how simple function parameters work and be unaware of something a little more advanced like func_get_args().

    But what about the opposite? I'm guessing that was the case with the author of a class I found where every single function had been implemented with this technique:

        * Creates a counter on HowerBox 1 1 10 "mm:ss"
        * @param Integer $params[0] X coordinate
        * @param Integer $params[1] Y coordinate
        * @param Integer $params[2] Start time
        * @param String $params[3] Format "mm:ss"
      function addTimeCounter(){
       $params = func_get_args();
        $paramStr = $params[0] . ' ' . $params[1] . ' ' . $params[2] . ' "' . $params[3] . '"';
        $this->Agent->fs('hbtimecounter ' . $paramStr);

    For bonus points: the class was a wrapper around a feature called hover box, but the class itself was named HowerBox. Furthermore, many of the comments inside the class actually spelled it with a 'v' while others used the 'w'.

  •  Of course he would use func_get_args(), because you never know when you want to change the number of parameters!

  • At least each argument is documented...

  • What does $this->Agent->fs() do? I have a strange feeling it involves split()...

  • @Dinnerbone said:

    What does $this->Agent->fs() do? I have a strange feeling it involves split()...

    We use PHP with a custom extension as a scripting language on top of another app. The communication between the two is done via this call.

  • probably an ex-perl programmer.

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