When you really need a wooden table

  •  I work at an anonymous cellphone company with an anonymous program that we have to manually order more supplies for.  As I'm filling out the excel-based order form, I'm wondering why it's >5MB (and why I have to download this form, fill it out and email it in in the first place).  I'm assuming it's the 5 postage-stamp-sized pictures embedded in it.  OK, I'll just hit "reset picture"... just to see... and then the fun starts:


    The first picture:  fairly large, but it's got a title bar that was cropped off.  Turns out someone took a picture of a product (on a wooden table, naturally), opened it in picture/fax viewer, took a screenshot, and sized/cropped it in excel accordingly.

    The second picture: same story

    The third: The picture was loaded in the half-created excel document, had a screenshot taken of it, and then the screenshot was pasted into the document and resized (wha?)

    Fourth:  Same as the first two

    The fifth is the most interesting:  It's just a battery warning label,  but apparently a simple scan wouldn't do.  This was done as a scan of the label, which then had the first image slapped in place behind it.  The whole thing was then resized as a whole and grouped together.  Because, you know, a warning label on a white background is boring; wooden tables are mandantory.

  • That's a truly remarkable use of technology, whoever did that is a genius! A genius at WTFing but still a damn genius.

  • zomg wow lulz eleventyeleven...

    Do people really do this shit, or are these fancy dreams by bored programmers?

    This is why I don't let the others in the office do layout work for things requiring screenshots. Hell, even paint does a better job at keeping things "clean"...

  • <nosarcasm>

     Finally some good content for the forms, not like all that crap I've been posting.



    All I got is people taking receipts, mailing them to an office. A clerk scans them into a system (which is easily accessible, backed up, etc), then someone prints it all out and uses it for whatever they need, then they file the printouts and ignore the electronic attachments. And they don't understand why I am trying to tell them there is something a bit wrong with that.

  •  TRWTF is that this is all handled by the same company that handles all the phone insurance.


    Now at least I understand why we often have to fax in claim forms 7 or 8 times before a claim gets covered!

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