Warranty void if package opened

  • I just got a 128 GB 1.8 inch SSD shipped from Hong Kong. Inside the box was an oversized block of foam holding an antistatic bag containing the drive. The bag was taped shut with this sticker:

    The obvious solution is to cut the bag open, but customs apparently already voided my warranty.

  •  I guess this is the post-order version of "Warranty till the door"

    Don't know if it is an English expression, but in Dutch it just means: "You have warranty until you walk out of the shop through the door." => "You have no warranty at all" for example in a second-hand shop.

  • Ah, I see your mistake. No, they're not talking about the warranty for the drive there, that's the warranty for the sticker itself.

    Fair enough really, if you break the seal yourself, you can't expect that damage to be covered by the sticker's warranty.

  • @dtech said:

    I guess this is the post-order version of "Warranty till the door"
    I like that.  If ever own a shop, I'm going to have to use it on everything I sell.

  •  "warranty void when quantum state collapses"


  • "Warranty void if this warranty notice is read."

  •  "Your mom. Warranty void. Lol."

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