Vpn connectionusing pptp

  •  hi all

    how cat i install pptp-1.7.2-3.rhel5.i386_2.rpm on redhat advance server 5 ;please help me ;

  • <font color="#00008b" size="3">How can I install or upgrade a package? Can I install an old one?</font>

    For simply install a package do:

    rpm -i package.rpm

    Where "-i" is the Install parameter and "package.rpm" is the RPM you're installing. You can add more parameters to the above command, try this:

    rpm -ivh package.rpm

    The "-v" is for verbose and "-h" for the hashing marks. It'll print some "#" when unpacking and then installs the package. You can use "--percent" instead of "-h" if you want.

    The above command is maybe the first RPM command you've learned.


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