Classic quote from app development

  • Here is a great quote about how well our company's groups are getting along:

    We don't have any release dates schedule yet because when the "large TLA outsourced support firm" and corporate IT get involved there is a long process that we don't control. Some infrastructure things that you would think would take a day or two take months so it is impossible for us to predict dates.


  • I think that's the perfect way to make management see that this stupid process they've set up is costing the company real money.

  •  at least you can blame it on the "outsourced support firm."

     Ive seen that happen in-house to many times to count.

  • My god.

    It's the same all over, isn't it?

    We began building a site early last year.

    We just finished because it took the webservice+database party about ten months to deliver a working API.

  •  Indeed. One of my projects has been on hold for 2 months waiting for a person to change an IP address on a peice of hardware. I often wait between two weeks and a month for complicated items, such as creating a new security group in active directory.

     (For those who haven't done this- Right Click, New, Group, type in name, click ok)

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

     Wow. And I got annoyed when I had to wait overnight while a system admin pulled a VMWare image off the server onto an external drive so it could be set up elsewhere.... And I requested the transfer at 4:30PM (for the record, the copy to his local machine was done by the time he left, but the copy to my drive was not).


    Sometimes I forget just how good I have it.

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