• I'm reviewing ingres to see how it can be placed in a LA?P environment. The feature list looks great and the installation was easy.

    Now next to the tests i'm going to be running myself i would like to hear some opinions from people who have been working with it. Since our little community is pretty well known for its assertive and critical nature, I was hoping some here might have some experience with it and could share them.


  • A shameless Ingres bigot speaks

    As a (waaaaaay) long-time user of Ingres and a keen follower of TDWTF (I am drinking coffee from my WTF mug as I write), I really appreciate Ingres' willingness to do things right even if it meant resisting demands for mis-features.  This did Ingres no commercial favours, but by golly, if you worked with it instead of against it, you would end up with trouble-free, self-managing systems.

     In recent years the attitude has relaxed a lot, and some of the things that were previously shunned as being wrong-headed have been adopted.  I am past caring.  I don't have to use them, and I make a decent living picking up the pieces when others are seduced onto the rocks. 

    In terms of reliability, recoverability, upgradabilty, and supportability Ingres is a bet-the-business open source product.  It is highly standards-compliant both in terms of syntax and semantics.  There are a few silly things with it, like it ships with a default isolation level of serializable when everyone else defaults to read committed, but they are easily adjusted.

    I happen  to have access to some very highly placed sources in Ingres Corporation, and I hear that there are going to be some "eye-popping"  announcements at the UK Ingres Users Association conference in London next month.  Take a look at for details.

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