Don't you hate it when your boss tries to stifle innovation?

  • Seriously, I mean I absolutely frigging hate it when I'm supposed to design a new application and all I get thrown at me is a spec that consists of the Sentence 'Go design app X that does Y'. So then I go do just that, I have experience with that particular type of application, know what it needs to do and know what the competition is doing and it's for the most part unprofessional, crappy and shoddy. You know, typical outsourced india work is my competition here.

    So I come up with something new, that makes more sense, is much more professional looking....go run it by my boss...

    "No we can't do it that way! Nobody else does that! Do it like everyone else!!!"


    bangs head into wall

  • Shouldn't you be talking to your boss instead of us?

    I don't mean your department head or manager or whatever, your "boss" should be a businessman. If you can point out reasons why your method is better and his only reply is: "everyone else does it that way", then you should either go higher up or find another job.

  • 1. No higher up to go to

    2. My current Visa restricts me from finding another job. The irony in this is, I could be making twice the cash at a much better company & job, be paying twice the taxes (more actually seeing how I'd be in a higher tax bracket) to the government, if only the government would let me!

    Yes, I'm exceedingly frustrated due to the above and just simply venting some frustration. Hopefully though sometime in the hopefully not too distant future that will change...

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