Competence? In a school? You must be joking.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

     I noticed this at the beginning of the (half) semester, but somehow it slipped my mind to actually post it until now. The follow is the actual, uncut list of assignments my teacher posted for the gradebook on Blackboard for my online course:



    At least the totals that exist match...  Other interesting tidbits include:

     Professor A

    Professor B


    Who the heck is teaching this web course?! Someone who has no idea how to work the software and probably stole her lesson plans and syllabus off the other person, that's who. 


    But the best part is yet to come: this class is based around presentations, and is a web course. Naturally, it requires a webcam and mic with which to do said presentations. Of course, this being academia, they have a procedure that must be followed to submit a video. It involves

    1) installing a java-based videoconferencing software

    2) going to a specific url that starts a pre-defined session which gives you admin powers

    3) turning on their cam chat feature

    4) hitting "record conference"

     You can delete the recording, but to view said recording, you have to go to a second pre-defined link. Notice I don't have a grade for presentation 1? She couldn't get the playback to work despite it working on my machine. Presentations 2 and 3 I just made a video, rar'd it, and uploaded it to my web server. Most of my classmates use youtube. 

  • I hope the first instructor's blacked-out email address isn't

  • @Someone You Know said:

    I hope the first instructor's blacked-out email address isn't

    [url][/url] Apparently it is. Lucky the OP didn't post their score in anonymisation.

    Sadly it is. Good thing the OP didn't post their scores in anonymisation.

    And as for the original problem, yes the presentation thing seems a WTF-y but as for the lecturer not being the professor thing, that's quite common in academia to have the person who's 'in charge' of the module (in the UK we call the module conveners) not being the same person that actually gives the content.

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

     eh, I don't much care if you have the publicly listed information of some teacher I never met, I just figured I should try to anonymize somewhat.

     Really? I've never run across that, and I'm 2 semesters from graduating (hopefully). Maybe it's just less common at my school than at others. I've only had that happen when a grad student is teaching the course under the oversight of a professor, but that's not the case here as far as I can tell.

  •  Sorry, I have to. It's my thing. These things are fun to solve.


  • That is so cool.  How do you do that?

     MArk B.

  • @SteamBoat said:

    That is so cool.  How do you do that?

    Magic (c.f Rowling) and Magic (c.f. BOFH)

  • @SteamBoat said:

    That is so cool.  How do you do that?

     MArk B.

    Trial and error.  Figure out the font, type something you think will work and see if it matches up.  If it does, try other things to make sure it's the only possible solution.

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