Toad from Hell

  • I had heard it first on these forums. Nobody had said anything positive about TOAD.

    Alas, my new job involves using the damn thing... and I have to agree with those posters that like to hate it. Isn't there something better to use with Oracle?

  • I can recommend SQL Developer.  It's built on Java so it's slow and locks up, but I find it to be much more intuitive than TOAD.

  • There's a lot of alternative tools for Toad. SQLDeveloper has already been mentioned, but there is also
    PLSQL-Developer, SQL Detective,
    Hora and probably more. Most offer free trial versions, check them out.

  • Toad is terrible.  We have mandatory sql training every year at my work.  The instructors always try to get us to use that abomination of software.  But as ammoq and belgarion have said there are plenty of alternatives.  I've asked one of our dba's if she knows of any other good ones. I'll update when she gets back to me.

  • Besides being a huge monster with a few gaps, what's so bad about toad? I can keep up with it, as long as I don't let the server kill my connection! 😃

  • I dont' consider Toad that bad -- though I do hope you have a somewhat current version.

    I had to give up using Toad for some time ago, and for certain tasks I still do miss Toad. For now I've settled to SQL*Developer as the alternative, but it (even in current versions) does have its own issues, too.

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