• My life is stranger than fiction.

    I just experienced another interview event which I just had to share. It doesn't have to do with the interview itself, but rather it happened on the way to the interview.

    I was being escorted by one of the interviewers to their office, and we had to walk down a long hallway with cubes on one side. The interviewer was walking slightly ahead of me, so there wasn't any chit-chatter.

    (Before I go into the details, I want to let you know that when I interview at a job I am taking in everything around me. I'm not just looking at the interviewer and the position. How does the office look? How are the employees dressed? Do the employees look happy? etc. I highly recommend this to those who are new to the interview process. It reveals volumes about a company.)

    So here we are walking down the hall...I notice out of the corner of my eye some commotion going on several cubes down and to the back. There's the rather tall fellow making gestures with his hands as if he's telling a story. Nothing odd there, I thought.

    Then, out of the blue, he yells out, "Get off my big hairy jockstrap!"

    I continue walking not knowing what to think. Is this funny? Should I laugh? Did the interviewer walking in front of me hear this exclamation?

    Oddly enough, the interviewer did not hear the guy. He was completely unphased by it. Needless to say, I was in a somewhat shocked state and did not recover fully even as the interview began. The interview itself went well, and I am even considering the position. But my thoughts go back to that guy who yelled out that expression.

    First of all, can someone explain to me why anyone would even say such a thing? I have heard lots of profanity and crude humor in my days, trust me, but I have never ever heard this expression before.

    If you break it down, each of the words in the expression is equally nauseating. Think about it. Big...Hairy...Jockstrap.

    Does it get any worse than that? That's pretty bad.

  • It could have been an in-joke, I suppose - something that sounded bizarre to a stranger. Or he could be the token Tourette's hire...

  • An office with inside jokes is a good place.

    Where I work, we sometimes encounter a bug. Naturally.

    Someone will say, "wrap it in [b]if (arrPhoto) {}[/b]".


    Recent dialogue:

    -- I'll be nice for a change. Anyone want a drink? Coffee? Tea?

    -- Fuck off.

  • Sounds promising to me - I only work where they tolerate people that are ... a little unusual.
    If they do good work they can scream anything they want in the corridors.

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