Oracle... The rise and fall of the RDBMS with the biggest teeth. (&& Chin > K2)

  • In these hard times of global melt-down... How do you sell the requirement for Oracle, when you can get MS-SQL Server for £20 and a quick wank of the MS account manager?

    Is it the end of the be-he-moth that is Orakal??

    Discuss... 🙂

    (It is my opinion and not that of any one that can sue me!!)

  • by marketing to government departments 🙂

  •  I forgot about that easy river of cash... Oracle's share holders will indeed dine well this year...

  • yeah, we all know its expensive, probably for a reason.

    But can someone provide a reasonable technical argument and not the "cost" one all the time.

  •  Cluelessness. Heard a client talking to my colleagues last week who wanted to build an internet portal... on Oracle. If multinationals use it, then why not him?

  • @wesley said:

    yeah, we all know its expensive, probably for a reason.

    I find it rather disturbing that I have yet to meet anyone who knows what that reason really is.

    @wesley said:

    But can someone provide a reasonable technical argument

    For the customer? Not really.

    But from my end? As a project manager?

    - Client pays cost + 10% and I get to take that 10% home. SQL Server makes me $200. Oracle makes me ten large.
    - Oracle install needs an Oracle DBA. Full-stop. That's one person who will never be cut from the project budget and, owing to the nature of DBA work, is largely idle.
    - Customer demands I cut the bid? I can downscale the Oracle system.

    Oracle is a big money sink that drags in a highly capable professional of my choice. It gives me room to do all sorts of things without having to cut real features.

    (I don't do this sort of thing anymore. My company abandoned most of its principles and ethics for a while, and collapsed under its own weight when I tried to reinstate them. I could make a lot more money if I went back to the Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe school of business, but I'd really rather not. I'm of the opinion that a slower build with the ethics and principles in-place throughout is preferable.)

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