Scrap Fridge Compressor

  • [url=""]New compression algorithm, or badass overclocker?[/url] Either way it's not going to keep your veggies fresh.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Actually, on the scrap market the two things are worth practically equal dollar values. A Pentium Pro is worth about $1.50, as is a fridge compressor.

    A lot of scrap vendors will deal in things that aren't in their system, but code them in their system as something with a nominally similar value. That may well be what happened here:  these people bought bulk gold scrap for recycling, ended up with a crate of Pentium Pro's, noticed they were getting INSANE yields and want more - and not being IT professionals they looked at theshipping manifest to find out what it was they'd been delivered - and found this strange device to be a "fridge compressor"

  • @Chuck Mango said:

    New compression algorithm, or badass overclocker? Either way it's not going to keep your veggies fresh.

    Well, for a moment I wondered if it was some attempt to bypass export restrictions... then I actually looked, and saw it was PPros.

    OTOH, I did get the best new insullt I've heard in a while from the related products links at the bottom.

    @me said:

    Oi!  Shut it, you granulated slag! 

    Oh, now I sound like someone out of Eastenders, don't I? 😕

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