• This is a scanned ad, originally sticked (with common glue) in a tree around my job a few years ago. Language is... some spanish dialect.






    (Pentiun III)
     Computer for sale
    Markvision System AMD K6II 500MHB
    Memory 64 MB-MD 10.2 616A - LECD 52 XMAX
    Modem Fax 56 K v 90 (On Boses)
    Video card  8 MB (On Boses) - Sound
    card 16 bit ST (On Boses) 
    Markvision Monitor 15'' SVGA
    Call this phone: 15 50970369
    Ask for Ms Alicia or Mr Luis. 



    For those without any experience facing senseless brutality, "on boses" means "on board". It took me days to decipher all that "616a" 1337 stuff.

  • Nice, a Pentium III with an AMD K6 processor

  • @bjolling said:

    Nice, a Pentium III with an AMD K6 processor


    And comes with 500 MHB. Not Intel, not AMD: Markvision.


    BTW, about that "On Boses" thing... it doesn't mean anything, anything at all, even in spanish. I believe Mr Luis and Ms Alicia live in a cavern, with skulls and torches and that kinda stuff.

  • @Xelort said:

    And comes with 500 MHB.

    MegaHertz Bus.

    Unusual, but not terribly WTFy.

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