• Sometimes I want to select some text off of a webpage or something and then paste it into a word document or an email or something like that -basically a text box that supports rich text.  So, invariably what happens is that the formatting gets pasted in and it looks like crap.  What I've been doing it first pasting into notepad and then cutting and pasting out of there, but I was wondering if maybe there was an easier way so I thought I'd ask here.

  • Well, if you're using Word, there'll be a little option (tiny drop-down box will appear at the end of the inserted text) when you paste to keep only the source text, or to keep the formatting, too.  Outside of Word, I think you're out of luck, unless the other app supports it, of course.  I do the notepad thing, too.  If it's one line, I'll paste into the run dialog and recopy.  It's obnoxious, but I'm not sure of a better way to do it.  Consistent app support to provide pasted-text formatting options would be nice, but it's just not there.

  • As a Linux user, I have the same problem and a similar solution. Rich Text Copy/Paste is mostly evil.

  • little bit late for this


    , but paste special works (choose unformatted text, and that'll take on the default text forma & font of the target doc)

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