Firefox vs forum?

  • About a week ago, Firefox starting crashing for me every time I try to visit the Side Bar.  The main page is fine, just the side bar.

    I don't know if anybody else has that problem but me. 

    Anyway, the new version of Firefox has a "Report a Broken Web Site" option.  I figured I'd use this to submit a bug report of some kind. 

    Unfortunately, you cannot type a URL in the "URL" box.  You can only submit a report for a web page you are currently viewing. 

  • Firefox works just fine for me. Yes, I know I should upgrade to 3.x, but that's probably a few weeks out for me...

    Just in case you're not already doing this... you may have better success viewing the page enough to report it if you're running noscript. Alternatively, disable java and javascript in the preferences.

  • I don't have that problem; I'm using firefox 3 now. 

    About 95% of the time </made up stat>, firefox problems and crashes can be traced to problems with extensions. Try turning off all of your add-ons/extensions and see if this still occurs.  If it doesn't, then you can re-enable them one-at-a-time until you find the one at fault.   Then contact that extension's developer about it.

  •  Believe me, if a lot of people would experience problems here with Firefox we would've heard from them. I guess FF is the most common browser here.

    Or not, since they couldn't post anything.

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