Rapid Branding Deployment Meta-Content Server Enterprise

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    Web 2.0 Tetra-Fusion Systems (aka WTF Systems) is proud to announce the first release of their flagship product Rapid Branding Deployment Meta-Content Server Enterprise, the strategic, automated solution to your software re-branding needs.

    We all know that to remain competitive in today’s market, you cannot afford to remain static – it’s vital to position your brand, and then reposition it, to prevent erosion of your market share.

    But it’s expensive to constantly refactor your code base around a new product name. That’s where Rapid Branding Deployment Meta-Content Server Enterprise (RaBid) becomes an essential tool. RaBid uses a new, patented system to add a distinct Object-Oriented Branding Layer to your applications, allowing the system to rename all components exposed to potential customers with newer, more current and stylish terms, with no need to alter the underlying code base. The secret is the combination of the Branding Abstraction Layer with our RSS-driven Buzzword-Enabled Services (B.S.), which will automagically scour the Internet to discover the key terms that will make your product attractive to today’s informed I.T. professional. All the components of your product can be automatically renamed at intervals you can configure with our simple Rapid Branding Deployment Meta-content Server Enterprise Management Studio Suite.

    What’s better, this version now contains REFLEX, a patent-pending technology that allows it to rename ITSELF, so that you can effectively conceal its use from your consumers.

    And, if you order in the next six months, we will include at no charge the Help Obfuscator Module, which will save you the costly activity of revising your documentation to keep it in sync with the main product re-branding activity. Help Obfuscator will use a sophisticated REGEX algorithm to automatically revise your documentation, and in cases where specific documents cannot be updated, will automatically create a sequence of “user-fatigue-self-terminating” hyperlinks that effectively conceal the lack of information under a series of pages that even the most diligent user is not likely to make it through.

    If you are an MSDN subscriber, you’ve probably seen our application at work, effectively re-wrapping existing applications in complete new images. Find out today how Branding Update Server Enterprise (we changed the name while you were reading this) can put you on top!

  • Rabid BS?

    Did someone jump the gun on April Fools Day?

  • Well it's definitely humour.

    I also see the acronyms 'WTF' and 'MCSE' in there too.  Have I missed any?

  • The system is obviously Computerized Rebranding Automation Protocol - compliant

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