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  • Bought a game online from Metaboli/Gamesplanet last week - whole thing was a complete clusterfuck, the crappy DRM they bundled was so bad it wouldn't even install.

    I demanded my money back. I think I got it. Not too sure, though, as this is the email I just received:(complete with the <br>'s showing in an HTML email.)



    We are please to confirm the refund of your purchase (no <id vente>) of <br>
    <id jeu> which took place on the <id date> at <id temps>. Your account will recredited <br>
    with <id devise> <id prix> within two to 3 weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Metaboli - Cenega support

  • <id prix> ? <id date> ?

    They have a table for prices and dates? And.. wanted to send you the corresponding IDs? ..

  •  The "id prix" part sounds about right.

  • For those who don't speak french:
    vente --> sale
    jeu --> game
    date --> date
    temps --> time
    devise --> currency
    prix --> price

  •  Take comfort in the idea that parsing the email is hopefully an entirely different process from the crediting system.

  • It happened to me as well ...

    Some of the translators that were (gues what) translating the website, got carried away and translated the custom email tags as well ...



    Sie haben sich vor kurzem im [shopname] als Neukunde registriert."

    got translated to


    You have recently registered as a new customer at the [name of the shop]."

    However, we have caught that in QA already ...


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