Most over the top use of GPS Award - Protecting your wheelie bin

  • There's a greasy spoon cafe near Lenham in Kent on the A20, which I
    stopped at a couple of weeks ago.  Due to it being out in the sticks
    and near to the main road, people keep stealing the bin.

    However, as you can see from the photo below, they have taken action on how to stop it happening again.

     GPS Tracked Wheelie Bin

    Criminals, you have been warned!


  • I'm sure criminals love to spend time reading signs. I heard that the ones that steal garbage cans will even go as far as stabbing anyone who is reading a sign written on said garbage can, nasty lot they are.

  •  The technical term for said sign is, I believe, a lie.

  • @jrobbio said:

    Criminals, you have been warned!


    Why would you threaten them and then, in the very next sentence, command them to rob?

  •  Well...even if sign is real, it's not that unreasonable. If your bin is stolen you can't throw out any rubbish - the council will like to fine you and such nasty stuff if you put out bags, and won't accept 'the bin was stolen' as a reason. And if you can't throw out any rubbish, you can't do business.

    But yeah, probably a lie anyway - perhaps one intended to distract a potential thief for long enough to CCTV them - the camera of course being what's REALLY fitted to the bin!

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