Thinking Impaired

  •  I just received an email from someone at Human Resources...

     "Please reset Heather's mail password and email her the correct password.



    Sadly, closing my door cannot prevent incoming email.


  • Amy,

    I've reset Heather's e-mail password and e-mailed it to her. Please have her e-mail me directly if she has any more problems.



    I cannot give you Heather's password because that would be a security violation. I've e-mailed her her password again. Please have her e-mail me directly next time.


  • I'm guessing Amy doesn't like Heather much.

  • This reminds me of my first ISP. This was back in the days when you needed enter a few configuration details manually before you could connect to the Internet. Knowing that we would need this information before we could use the service, they said they'd email those details. I didn't think that would work so I convinced them to send a fax instead.

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